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We know education is an investment we make in our children that pays dividends throughout their lives. It’s time we start looking at how we reform the current structure of school districts to address the vulnerabilities and blind spots in how they support educators and students as they go through K-12 schools. There are many success stories in our schools, but there are way too many educators and students that don’t have the support and resources they need. It’s time to start treating educators like the superheroes they are with pay raises they deserve and support students with the resources they need to succeed. 


I know that education is the key to diversifying our economy. That is why I am focused on improving education so we produce the next generation of entrepreneurs and have a solid education-to-workforce pipeline that can build Nevada’s 21st Century economy. As a 25 year educator, I am focused on being the public advocate for public education and ensuring that students, teachers, and parents have a voice at the table when decisions are made.

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Small Business

Additionally, I also am focused on supporting small businesses and providing small businesses a one-stop shop when they need an answer or have a barrier to creating their own economic opportunity. While so many people think of Nevada as the gaming capital of the world, the reality is there are nearly 300,000 small businesses in Nevada with more than half a million employees. Supporting small business owners is vital to Nevada’s economic growth and resiliency.

Mental Health

Nevada has a mental health crisis - I have seen it in our schools and in our communities. Schools really are the frontlines in helping young Nevadans deal with mental health, social welfare and hunger issues. You can’t learn if you don’t have the safety of mind to know that you’ll be ok. Working with Governor Sisolak and our federal partners, I’ll focus our efforts to support our schools, healthcare workers and parents so they have the resources they need to address our mental healthcare challenges and improve educational and support services at schools.



Nevada has a tremendous opportunity to be on the frontline of tackling climate change. By harnessing renewable energy, we can create thousands of good paying jobs and power our future while putting Nevada on the path to becoming a net zero carbon state. We can do this while protecting our public lands that are at the heart of what it means to be a Nevadan and which provide billions to our economy and sustain tens-of-thousands of jobs. I am focused on working with our conservation community and federal partners to protect the wild west and lead the nation and world into a clean energy future.